A Call for Collaborators!
A Project in Literary Education and Adventure Travel

Mission statement: our purpose is to develop high-quality, engaging educational content and to distribute it to independently-minded students of literature while inspiring them to pursue their own real-life (and imaginative!) adventures.

What's it all about?
  • A multimedia, multi-unit course on English language literature
  • Advanced-level lecture content in documentary-style videos, “docu-lectures”
  • Filmed on location in the settings that inspired and influenced our texts
  • Accompanied by reviews and essays, suggested assignments, and supplementary material
  • Distributed as MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), along with other outlets
  • An opportunity to develop an income from study, travel, writing, and teaching
This is a speculative project, and it's still early in development. I'm looking for partners, not employees. Join me to help influence the direction of education with a bold, new initiative. And keep studying what you love!

Docu-lectures add depth to literary studies. We will:
  • employ the full potential of video to engage and teach students in a holistic manner,
  • explore the geographical and historical context of literature,
  • discover the vital relationship between the concrete world and imagination,
  • provide the tools and inspiration for students to set out on their own literary tours,
  • inspire students to develop their own unique approaches to the study of literature.
Why end our studies at graduation? Let's keep studying and explore the settings behind (and inside) the texts we love. Let's produce something valuable and engaging so others can benefit from our continued learning.

Who can collaborate?
I'm looking for a small team to help me:
  • research and plan courses,
  • travel to and explore the locations,
  • teach and film the lessons on site,
  • edit and produce the videos and other material, 
  • and distribute the completed courses.
If you're interested in only a few steps in the process you could still be a valuable contributor!

Some skills and abilities:
  • with at least a Masters degree (or the equivalent knowledge) in a relevant field
  • native or near-native spoken and written English (if you're teaching or writing content)
  • endurance for full days of traveling, hiking, and camping in addition to filming (if you're going on the road),
    this is more than education, it's adventure travel: learn by experience!
  • vision, ambition, and a willingness to take ownership of your contribution.
When and Where?
The first course is planned for production in Leuven (pre- and post-) and England (filming) during the summer and fall of 2016. The specific texts, a selection of novels, are only tentatively chosen.

Contact me if you're interested, or pass this along if you know someone who might be.

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