Hiking in the Italian Alps, 2014
Let's begin with my my mission statement: I'm committed to the pursuit of excellence in mind and body, in all that I can experience and in anything I'm able to produce. This inspires me to explore the world of nature and ideas, to cultivate my senses and sensibilities, to create something novel out of the experiences that form me, and to share anything of value that I discover along the way. My way may be a wandering path, but it's lined with dazzling notions and revolutionary beauty.

Within these pages I'm publishing a blog and a literary journal of stories and essays; I'm documenting my adventures and (in pre-production) weaving my academic and outdoor interests into a place-based study series I'm tentatively calling 'Literature On Location.' (But more on that as it develops.) Briefly stated, you'll find a growing and increasingly eclectic catalog of narrative, photographs, advice, analysis, and criticism on anything that interests me, which is quite a lot.

The Nomad
Of course that's the 'what' and 'why' of jfnomad, but what of the 'who?' My name is Jacob Victor Fisher. l come from North Dakota and for the last eleven years I've mostly been in Illinois - where I went to college, Wyoming - where I cooked and taught environmental science, and Belgium - where I've been studying philosophy and western literature.

I grew up in the middle of nowhere (even for North Dakota) on a property out in the woods. Hunting and roaming through the forest is partly responsible for my love of exploration. My time in the Chicago suburbs gave me a burning need to escape from metro-sprawl and thus was born my love for wilderness backpacking.

During my college summers and breaks I took trips to the Rockies, the UP of Michigan, and the Appalachians and after college I made the move to Jackson, Wyoming. I approach backpacking like other people approach resume building. I seek diversity and variety, but I always come back to what I know the best, what I love, the northern Rockies.

My interest in variety eventually led me to Scotland. In 2008 I spent ten weeks on a hiking tour in Scotland and England. I walked almost every day with a full pack (including a tent, stove, and all my food) and camped out each night. This experience taught me many important things not the least of which is that the skills I had developed while wilderness backpacking extend naturally into adventure travel and bike touring.

Apropos of post-college trips to Europe my trip ended in an epiphany. I decided that I want to write in addition to teach. Since then I've taught a little, studied more, and finally started to write more seriously. This site is a part of that project.

Being Nomadic
I am indeed a nomad following some inner compulsion to wander. I haven't yet found a reason for my restlessness. I'm afraid that makes me a rather nihilistic nomad or else one whose rationale is found within. It's not, I hope, because I think there's always something better elsewhere. I love the experience of novelty in part because of the value it gives to the familiarity of a comfortable home. Backpacking and adventure travel are only a part of this wandering impulse. Stories and ideas are also a continuous stretch of foreign lands that draw me from home. More strongly stated, these are all mere extensions of who I am and the sometimes nomadic life I lead.

My thanks to the various friends who have adventured with me, and whose photos have found their way onto my site. And finally, Jared Felicetti deserves some credit and thanks for inspiring the name.

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