September 9, 2008

Aberdeen, St. Andrews, and Edinburgh

September 6

“Mix of sun and clouds

Rose a little before 9am. Ate breakfast from Tesco then packed up. Went into town. Looked for a hat. Ate the rest of my food in the park. Got The Secret Garden & 2 post cards from WH Smith. Got a hat from Newsport. Bus to Inverness, 12:30. It was interesting to see our hiking route from the bus. Finished The Old Curiosity Shop. Inverness at 2:30. Left for Aberdeen at 3:05. Read Old Curiosity Shop introduction. Aberdeen at 7ish. Looked at maps in the train station & headed north to camp. Walked to the middle of the golf course before we found a place secluded and sort of flat. The waves were pounding. Watched the city while it got dark. It was a good place to sit. Set up and went to bed at 10:45pm.

Book: £1
Postcards: 80p
Inverness: £11.20
Aberdeen: £10
Bathroom: 20p
Withdrawl: £100”

September 7
St. Andrews

“Clouds and sun

Rose at 8am. Packed up and headed over to Kings College. Got groceries and ate. Took the bus at 12:35 for Dundee, then Dundee to St. Andrews. Walked through town looking at the Cathedral, Castle,& University. Walked out to the West Sands and set up in a park. Sat on beach a few minutes and took pictures. In bed at 10:30.

Bus: £13:20, £3.70
Groceries: £2.25”

September 8
“Clouds and sun

Rose at 6am. Packed up and walked to the sand. Walked further out and ran the “Chariots of Fire’ run. Walked into town and got groceries. Ate at the bus station. Got on the bus at 9:45. There was a huge delay and we didn’t get to Edinburgh until 3pm. Two and a half hours for 9 miles. It was hot and uncomfortable the whole way. Read a little. Walked to Waverly to figure out my trip tomorrow, then to Princes Street Gardens to eat lunch at the old spot. Walked through New Town and bought some poetry books at Waterstones. Hiked up Carlton Hill and took pictures. Walked to Holyrood and climbed to St. Anthony’s. Set up, wrote a postcard and in bed at 11pm. What an amazing campsite.

Bus: £8.40
Books: £
Postcard: £
Groceries: £2.66”

September 9

“Rose at 6am to get out early. Climbed Arthur’s Seat and sat a while; climbed Salisbury Craigs and ate. Walked to the Scottish Parliament and walked the royal mile. Got to the Castle around 10:30. Water and tickets. My throat is hurting a lot so I need to drink more. Walked through the castle until 1:15. Saw the 1 o’clock gun fire. Walked around New Town a lot looking for a grocery store. At 2:40 went to get my ticket. Waited in BK until I left at 3:52. Said goodbye and took off…”

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