January 1, 2001



MSR Miniworks: It filters your water. That's what it's supposed to do. It doesn't have a lot of surprises, for good or ill.
SteriPen Adventurer: I loved it when it worked, but when it didn't it was a waist of time, money, and effort. I'm currently seeking repairs.
SteriPen Pre-filter
Katadyn Hiker Pro: This filter broke the first trip out and I don't trust its build quality enough to give it a second chance.
MSR Whisperlite: The Whisperlite is a simple workhorse. It gets the job done and doesn't have any frills. The International version may be the best introductory stove.
MSR Dragonfly: This stove has terrific flexibility and is durable enough for tough treatment. Best of all, I can bake with it.
Snowpeak Gigapower
MSR Heat Exchanger
MSR Fuel Canister  

MSR Blacklite
MSR Titanium Kettle
REI Ti Ware Non-stick Titanium  
Bic LighterGerber SawNalgene
MSR Cloudliner HydroRez
Stainless Steel Spoon
Tupperware Collapsible Bowl (700mL)        
Insulated Mug